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Decoratively speaking, the  bathroom  is an extremely particular room in the home . It can have more or less relevance, get more or less benefit, depending on the importance that each owner gives it. That is, there are those who prefer to have  a simpler bathroom , while others choose to  invest to create a place worthy of a magazine . 

And much of that result depends on the coatings, whose variety of shapes, colors, materials and finishes is almost infinite. Find here your inspiration and some tips to design a beautiful bathroom that will turn heads.

Describe Modeling

The classic bathroom wall tiles are tiles. A material that has great virtues such as easy cleaning and shock resistance. Its wide number of styles, colors and sizes make it a great favorite to achieve the finish we want in this room. Take the opportunity to combine different types of tiles and differentiate the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

The  porcelain tiles have high performance for coating floors and walls in the bathrooms. They are waterproof and very resistant, therefore, ideal for rooms that support a lot of humidity. There is a wide variety of designs, of all shapes, shades and even imitations of other materials such as wood. The porcelain tile opens up a huge range of possibilities for bathroom design. If you want to follow the latest trends, discover the  hexagonal tiles .

Change Tile Floor In Bathroom:

The tile ceramic is the most economical option.

The stoneware brings more strength and there are a multitude of finishes.

Before installing, ask your professional for a sample of the dentent tile to see the color, texture and feel.

Another alternative is  glass tiles  for cladding bathrooms. But in this case, they would be exclusively for the walls, because on the floor they would slip. They are usually designer tiles , somewhat more expensive and sophisticated. 

Therefore, one way to introduce them is by decorating fragments of a wall, as we can see in the shower in the image. Although the entire bathroom can also be covered … in the end it will depend on your preferences and how you want it to look after the remodel. 

Many Chileans are reluctant to line a bathroom with wallpaper . Maybe this could change if they discover the  vinyl paper , resistant to moisture. It is a highly decorative alternative, affordable and easy to install, since it is possible to superimpose the paper on the existing tiles  if the joints are well covered. Denante you must assess if the ventilation in your bathroom is good and dare with vinyl paper !

It must be difficult to find someone who does not like the warmth and nobility of wood , although it is quite different if we are looking for people who use it as a coating for the bathroom. 

In any situation, both  natural  and artificial wood create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, very suitable for the bathroom. If you opt for natural wood, it is necessary to inform us about which models better withstand humidity and what maintenance they require. If your chosen finish is artificial wood, try choosing a quality, high-performance laminate.

The  stone  is a natural material with great charm and features positive if we integrate it into our home. Even its result is beautiful as a  coating for the bathroom , although it seems relegated to rustic homes, where the walls are already made of stone since its construction. However, undertaking a remodel and incorporating stone as part of your bathroom adds elegance and an inimitable naturalness . Of course, you must have a higher budget than usual.