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One of the safest investments you can make is buying a home, whether it is new or used in good condition. But there comes a time when the family grows and you need more space or you just want it to look renewed, that’s when it is urgent to put a little hand in it.

Any change you make is part of the investment and always brings positive things. If you are thinking of expanding, remodeling or building an extra space for your house, here are the reasons to encourage you:

You increase its value :

It is a sure way to increase the sale price of your house. According to experts in the real estate market, remodeling can increase the value of a property by up to 25%. So it is a clear opportunity to continue growing your investment.


If you are thinking of changing something, it is because it is no longer being functional for your family. A new room, expanding a room or any improvement you make to your house optimizes the space and adapts to the lifestyle.

Fewer repairs:

Especially in used houses when the materials are already too old and present damage. For example, the pipes, electrical connections, floors, humidity and all those details that you will have to be fixing very often. Remodeling and completely changing these types of materials gives the house a modern look but also new materials that can last many years without repair.


nothing better than having your beautiful house, seeing how the spaces are transformed and that it reflects your personality. Remember that it is your space, the place where you relax and receive your family and friends.

When we think about remodeling a space and we make the decision to do it, it is generally because what has worked up to now is no longer useful, it could be improved spatially or it is simply no longer what you need or want. 

Tied to this decision, you must consider what is the best way to approach your project to achieve an execution that best suits your aspirations. 

The remodeling process is generally overwhelming because of that of destroying to build and the first thing that scares you to take that step is imagining the dust everywhere, the hammering, the noise of the saw, the grinding wheel, and all that pandemonium of sounds, workers and activities typical of a change of space, for this good planning will guarantee the least trauma, avoid improvisations and optimize execution times.

The benefits are satisfactory in all cases and we can attest that in all the years that we have remodeled spaces, 100% of our clients are happy to see their ideas come true.

If you have an idea of ​​spatial improvement and you have not yet decided to execute it, here we list the most immediate benefits you get by taking that important step:

1. Comfort:

The spatial improvement will optimize your environment, making it more pleasant and functional, remember that the Being human in its constant evolution changes over time and its environment with it, the things that once were useful may no longer be useful today and require the decision to recondition or adapt the environment.

 2. Increase in real estate value:

Renovating or remodeling your home is a sure way to increase the value of your property. If you plan to sell your home, refinance your mortgage, or simply invest in your home for the future, a remodeling project is a good way to increase your appraisal.

3. Utility optimization over time:

 We know that many materials used in pipes, stops, floors, walls, etc., are a headache, especially in old buildings or with a couple of decades on top, causing water cans, surface deterioration, appearance of dirt and endless problems arising from wear and tear and continuous use. The remodeling will allow you to replace those expired materials with other more resistant and modern ones that avoid, at least in the medium term, the outlay of money in continuous spare parts.

4. Functional planning:

While it is true that we are not all architects or engineers to do wonders with every idea that comes to mind, remodeling with the advice of a professional improves 

5. The benefits of change:

According to the psychologist Annie de Acevedo, “the first thing that motivates a person to act is the need to change, and everything that is done to follow this purpose is inevitably reflected in the home and its environment ”, With the renovation of the house you can also achieve a differentiating air and refresh the energies with details such as color changes, the restoration of a floor, the location of a shelf or the selection of furniture, since by providing more comfort and harmony, sensations of relaxation are generated, of balance with the environment and even of joy in the inhabitants of the house.

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